The Challenge

Temporary Arrangements During Coronavirus Emergency

Wes Davies entered his tenth decade on 20th March. Celebrations regarding this event unfortunately had to be cancelled as did our March meeting. Regardless I know you would all join with me to wish Wes all the very best for the future. It seems that the current regulations and recommendations are likely to be in force for some time, so meetings as we knew them will not take place in the foreseeable future.


So that we don't seize up through inactivity. Here is what we are going to do, authorised by our esteemed chairperson, Dominique, so this is the equivalent of a Royal Command. The challenge is called 'Laugh at the Devil' and this is how it will work.


We must all write a humorous poem on the theme of the Coronavirus.


which you should email as soon as possible to me at the email address below. Each poem will be given a week's exposure in the 'New Poetry' section of the site. I have kicked off with the first poem.


The next challenge, after that will be the one set by John Davies at the January meeting, so those poems are probably already written. John said:

The Key


“Write a poem involving a key, either as the theme, title or contained in the body of the poem. The poem  should be written in rhyming tercets (monorhyming within stanzas of three lines, aaa, bbb, ccc etc.)." 

Length requirements are relaxed somewhat while these arrangements are in force, so if you want to write an epic, now's your chance! Whole crates of virtual wine will be virtually awarded while these regulations are in force so treat yourselves. And John, please drink the bottle you have been unable to award, until it is virtually empty.