Poems and Pints Evenings


The poems and pints group is a very informal reading (and drinking) session. All of those with an interest in poetry are welcome to attend. The evenings were started on the initiative of Rowland Hughes. Poems by others as well as readings of your own work form part of the evening. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month, except December. The form of the evening is normally roughly as follows:
'THE CHALLENGE': Entries for the evening's 'challenge' (see below) are read by those participating and judged immediately afterward. All of those who take up the challenge are requested to bring a second copy of the poem for the judge.
WORK BY ANOTHER: 1-2 poems by a published poet (not necessarily a 'well known' poet) are read in turn by those present.
YOUR OWN WORK: 1-2 poems of your own are read in turn.
There is no set length or line limit in any of the categories (except where one is specified as part of the challenge). Whether one or two poems are read depends very much on numbers attending. Obviously you wouldn't be very popular if you insisted on reading two long poems if there were a number of people waiting for their turn.


'The challenge' is set at the previous meeting by the person winning that evening's challenge. He or she also acts as judge for the challenge. There is only glory to be won, because the challenge-setter and judge also has to sponsor the prize for the evening. The CHALLENGE can be any kind of poem: a poem that uses the word SHADOW[S]; a poem based on an actual childhood memory; and a limerick have all been the subjects of past challenges. All of those who take up the challenge are requested to bring a second copy of the poem for the judge.


'The prize' is one of glory rather than monetary value. The winner of each challenge receives the prize of a bottle of wine. But, in addition to setting the challenge for the next session, he or she is required to sponsor the prize for it.


P+P sessions are held in a separate back room in THE LORELEI HOTEL, 36 - 38 Esplanade Avenue, Porthcawl (01656-788342). The pub serves real ale.


To find out more you can send an e-mail to Rocky Prosodist at                                   or, better, just come along to the next evening.